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About Us

We are a dad / daughter run small apparel brand, established in 2021, dedicated to giving back to our community. 

We've donated over $6000 donated to SCM fire relief, and counting...


Our design came to life in August 2020 after our Great Santa Cruz Mountain community was devastated by fire.  We donated 100% of profits to residents affected by the CZU Lightning Fire.

We had the idea to symbolize our 70+ favorite places, animals, activities and history in the SCM's together in a design that we thought mountain residents would be proud to wear. We truly live in a redwood paradise, but we’re vulnerable to Mother Nature, especially with fires.

-Erik Olsen (& Sofia)

Giving Back
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In The early morning of August 16, 2020 my daughter and I were evacuated from our house after I witnessed a lightning strike a redwood tree & fire ignite just 75 yards away from my bedroom window. Luckily, I was already awake due to the insane winds & thunder storm, so we were out of the house in less than a minute, driving through smoke and fire that was blowing across our only road out. Once they let us back up the next day, we thought our house would be gone, but it survived, & very shortly after we decided to do a design we thought would be cool for people in the community to wear & would help raise some money, so our TGSCM project began.


After selling out the first two runs and donating $4200 in 2020, in 2021 we kept it going & expanded by shifting from a fundraiser to a business that gives back 10% of all profits to SCM charities. So far we've raised over $5300, but we're not done yet.


We now make shirts, sweatshirts, hats, beanies, stickers, mugs, art prints, & more, and will continue to donate 10% of profits to SCM fire relief. We are excited to move forward, inspired by Community, Mother Nature, and Kindness. Thanks for your support!

- Erik Olsen (&Sophia)

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